CAST Laboratory

Research and development in probability sampling, survey methodology and computational tools for Agricultural Surveys.


Every Lab is only as good as its team. CAST is fortunate enough to work with talented & creative researchers.



Hemílio Coelho

Professor of Sampling Statistics

Sampling Statistics, Computational Statistics, Statistical Methods


Andréa Diniz

Researcher at IBGE

Record Linkage, Populational Studies, Data Analysis


Cristiano Ferraz

Professor of Sampling Statistics

Sampling Statistics, Statistical Methods, Agricultural Statistics


André Leite

Professor of Operations Research

Operations Research & Analytics, Computational Statistics, Machine Learning


Raydonal Ospina

Professor of Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing, Machine Learning, Data Modelling


Marcel Vieira

Professor of Sampling Statistics

Sampling Statistics, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Survey Data Analysis

Grad Students




Estimação resistente em modelos de regessão beta inflacionados

Projeto Individual Institucional - Cadastro Propesq - UFPE / 2018

Npar y Datos

Dessarrollo de métodos basados en rachas y rangos para varios tipos de problemas de hipótesis con diferentes modelos muestrales, en problemas de regresión y de modelos lineales.

Apps for Agricultural Statistics

Tools for supporting sampling design and data collection are under development, prioritizing new technologies.

External Project

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Internal Project

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Master Frames for Agricultural Statistics

Master sampling frames for generating agricultural and rural statistics.

Recent Publications

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